Document Delivey Service Policy

Requesting Document

  1. Document Delivery is a service for AeU students and staffs that provides articles of journal either in print or non-print form from other libraries.
  2. When a request is made for an article, the library staff will first check AeU e-collection to ensure the library does not own the articles in print or electronic format.
  3. Requestor may ask for the article by filling in forms which are available at the AeU library website or come directly to the library to get the form.
  4. The library staff will check the OPAC of possible libraries that may contain the articles. Identify the library concerned.
  5. Librarian is to contact the relevant library using the available DDS form to request for the articles which is obtainable in AeU library website.

Number of Requests

  1. Users are allowed to request for 10 free articles per semester. Over and above that, the user will be charged RM0.50 per page for every additional articles.

Notification & Pick Up

  1. When the items arrive, users will be notified by email or phone call. Articles or chapters requested will be sent in softcopy or hardcopy format.
  2. For printed articles/ journals, user may be asked to pick up the document at the AeU knowledge Centre i-desk.
  3. Five working days are allowed to obtain the articles / journals.
  4. If the document is not found in any other libraries, requestor will be notified by library staff via email or phone call.
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