We provide web-based OPAC (Online Publication Access Catalogue) to make searching process faster and reliable for our Print and Non-Print Materials, with links to our e-resources.

Wireless Internet Access
Free Wireless Internet Access to Laptops and PDA users are provided within the Library.

Group Discussion Rooms
Group Discussion Rooms are available for group discussion or study. The rooms are equipped with tables and chairs, whiteboards and overhead LCD projectors. Users may book the rooms by entering the time slots they need at the Front Desk. The rooms may be used for a maximum period of two hours per user. Rooms may be booked in advance.

Computer Workstations
The workstation is equipped with several numbers of computers for users to access electronic information: databases, CD-ROMs, e-books and online journals. All computer are wired to the Internet.

Self-check Service
User with a valid membership card may use the "self-check" machines to check out or borrow books from the library. Our customer service staff will assist you. Upon borrowing, the Self-Check machines will issue a due date receipt. Members are advised to retain this receipt for future references.

Book Drop
You may return your books via library Book Drop. It looks like a mailbox and can be found along the walkway in front of the Library. This service is available 24/7.

Print-on demand Service/Photocopier
Print-on-demand and photocopier machine is available to cater for these services. Payment is arranged with the customer service staff.

Reading Areas
The Library provides several reading areas. The Light Reading Area, where the daily newspapers and magazines and latest issues of print journals are available is set by the water feature in the cool relaxing corner of the Library.

Conference Room (Multi Purpose Room)
The Multi Purpose Room in the Library provides facilities for activities like Talks and Presentations, Seminars and other events for the Library and the University.

The Library Cafe is located at the corner near the Discussion Rooms for users to take a break and continue discussion over a cup. A giant TV screen is also located in the cafe area to catch up with news while having a break.

In keeping with the friendly and social ambience of the Library the Gallery provides highlights and colour to the AeU Library. Art pieces from local artists are displayed.

Book Shop Corner
A book shop is located at a corner of the Library. Both academic & popular books on display in this section are available for sale with discounts given to library users.