Book Ordering Policy

  1. Request for books to be purchased come from students, staff, etc.
  2. Processing will take 5 working days.
  3. Librarian will contact the requester via email or phone call.
  4. Ready Stock Textbook.
    • The librarian will inform the customer if the textbook is available at AeU Library. If not available, the librarian will check of stock available by vendor locally.
    • Serious buyer may place a reservation and must collect the textbook within a week from the date of assured of book(s).
  5. Confirmation Order.
    • The customer should confirm order after the librarian notify the details and price of the book(s) requested.
    • Full payment will be made upon confirmation.
  6. Shipment.
    • Books ordered from Singapore will arrive at the AeU Library tentatively within one (1) month of confirmation of order.
    • Books ordered from UK/USA will arrive at the AeU Library tentatively within three (3) months of confirmation of order.
  7. Payment Term.
    • Cash only
    • Full payment should be imposed upon confirmation.
    • 5% service charge will be imposed for ordering books* (excluded textbooks)
  8. Collection.
    • At AeU Library Only
    • Purchase Receipt will be given on the spot.
  9. Cancellation.
    • Only 50% of the payment will be returned upon cancellation at the confirmation of order.
    • Money will be returned by the AeU Library if the book ordered is not delivered to the customer within 6 months.
  10. Currency issue.
    • The price of the book(s) may change depending on the current monetary value especially for books in USD, EURO, GBP etc
  11. Book(s) sold are not returnable and refundable
  12. Book(s) delivered will be in good condition only.


For any enquiries, kindly contact the librarian at AeU Library 03-5022 3574 / 3571 / 3573 or email to

Terms & condition applied.