Circulation Policies

The AEU Digital Library is responsible for determining the rules for user behaviour and conduct in the Library to:
  » Protect the rights of individuals to use Library property, materials, and services.
  » Protect the rights of Library employees to conduct library business without interference.
  » Ensure the use of the materials, facilities and services by the greatest number of user.
  » Preserve those materials and facilities from damage.
  » Ensure the safety of Library users, staff and others.
Overdue Notices

Notices regarding overdue items may be sent to a patron’s through e-mail. The patron is responsible for any charges or fees due for late or unreturned items regardless whether or not such a notice has been received.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges will be suspended when items on loan are not returned on or before due date. Borrowing privilege will remain suspended until all overdue materials are returned and all fines are settled.

  1. Fines at rate RM 0.30 per day for each overdue book from the Open Shelf Collection (open stacks) will be charged. Fine rates are doubled for recalled items.
  2. Outstanding fines or payments due for lost materials will have to be settled before graduation. Disregard for library policies by library patrons may result in their borrowing privileges being terminated.
Returning Materials
  1. Library patrons are responsible for returning borrowed items. Books may be returned via the Book Drop located outside the building beside the main door Books may also be returned at the i-Desk.
  2. Books may also be returned via registered post and should be returned by item due date. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure safe return of item and to bear postage cost.
  3. Proof of posting is no proof of sending. Until such time as the book reaches the library, the book is considered still on loan to the patron.
  4. Library patrons who receive overdue notices for items already returned should report this to the i-Desk.
Claims Returned

If a patron believes he/she has returned material but is being billed as ?overdue? please inform the staff at the i-Desk. A search will be conducted but the material will remain on the patron’s record until it has been located.

  1. Patrons are responsible for knowing the due dates of library materials checked out in their names.
  2. Patron may renew loans on-line.
  3. Library materials may be renewed unless Holds have been placed on them. Library patrons are permitted to make renewal for each book once.
  4. Fine rates are doubled for recalled books not returned when due.

A patron may request that a book be held at the i-Desk. If the book is charged out, the patron will be notified when it is returned. The book will be held at the i-Desk for 7 days.

Lost Material Charges

A book not returned after 30 days of being overdue, will be considered lost. The charge will be the replacement cost of the book plus a charge of RM 20.00 for processing fees.