Rules and Regulations

Library users are required to observe the following :-

General Regulations
  1. Snacks and drinks are limited to the cafe area only.
  2. Handphones should be set to silent mode before entering the library. Mobile phone uses to be considerate.
  3. Users of the Library to be formally and decently attired.
  4. Users are responsible for their belonging.

Note: The Library is not responsible for any damages and loss of personal belongings that are left unattended in the Library.

Membership Regulations
  1. Students/staff/external members are required to display their cards upon entering the AEU Library.
  2. Library membership privileges are not transferable. Use your cards for any of the Library transactions.
  3. Please report loss of ID Card to the AeU Library.
Discussion Room
  1. Maximum booking of the Discussion Room is 2 hours at any one session.
  2. Discussion Room are intended for groups, defined as 4 – 7 users actively using the room.
  3. Reservation can be renewed for only one session if no one booking for the room.
  4. Users are responsible for their personal property at all times and libraries are not liable for loss or damage to personal property.
  5. No foods or drinks are allowed in the discussion room.
  6. Your booking will be cancelled if you arrived later than 15 minutes and the room will be released for others to use.
  7. Please email, call or go to library counter to make the booking.
Computer Workstation
  1. Accessing undesirable Internet sites and downloading, emailing, printing and circulating undesirable materials are strictly prohibited.
  2. Users are prohibited from installing or customizing any computer programmes in the Library’s computers.
  3. The number of terminals available is limited. Please be considerate in the use.
  1. Each user is responsible for every item he borrows.
  2. Users must ensure books borrowed are listed correctly in their account upon borrowing.
  3. Users must ensure books returned are correctly charged-out in patron's account upon returning.
  4. AeU staffs who resign or on long leave (more than 3 months) are requested to return all materials borrowed from the library.
  5. Students who withdraw, discontinue or have completed courses at AEU must return all borrowed materials to the library. Failing to clear any fines or return materials borrowed from the library on completion of their courses will have transcripts held back. Finance Division will deduct the amount from student’s deposit.