1. Loans

    Based on the category of membership of the AeU University Library, loan privileges are as given below:

    Patron Category Loan Period Quantity Fees
    Student Undergraduate 3 Weeks 3 Books  
    Post-graduate 3 Weeks 5 Books  
    Staff Academic Staff 3 Months 5 Books  
    Non-Academic Staff 3 Weeks 3 Books  
    Alumni 3 Weeks 2 Books RM200/Year
    Day Member Library use only Library use only RM20 Per Day
    Individual Member 3 Weeks 2 Books* RM500/Year

    Click Here to Download Membership Form

    Membership and privileges will be reviewed from time to time.
    External members may borrow if they pay a deposit of RM 400 per book. Maximum of 2 books per membership, this deposit is refundable at the point of termination of membership.
    * For external members use of databases is within the library only.
    * Alumni borrowing and privileges is subjected to Rules & Regulation
  2. Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Service

    Interlibrary Loan service is to obtain materials needed primarily for research or academic purposes which are not available in AEU Digital Library. (This service however is limited to the Staff and Students of AEU.) The AeU library has signed the memorandum with the National Library which gives access to 500 libraries in the country under this Scheme. In addition to this, under the Document Delivery Service (DDS) of the same scheme, copies of journal articles and or book chapters may be obtained from member libraries.

  3. User Education & Information Skills

    With information becoming increasingly complex and varied, it is essential that users know how to access information resources, how to evaluate, manage, and use them effectively. Information skills are essential to the success of a student’s academic career, and to become an independent and lifelong learner.

    User Education and Information Skills sessions are provided by the library. Special workshop sessions to aid users on information searching are organised regularly by the librarians. Post graduates are given information skills workshops as part of the Research Methodology Sessions. The library staff is available to help students within the Library at all times. On-line information searching guides are available from the library website.

  4. i-Desk

    The i-Desk of a library is where professional librarians provide library users with directions to library materials, advise on library services and assist users to find general information from the library's resources.

  5. Library Counselling

    Special information needs for researcher may be discussed with the librarian through our library counselling services.

  6. Subject Based Information Service
    Information sources and resources are selected based on special subjects on table of content of courses. All library users have access to this source via website or in a hardcopy format.