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Thesis Formatting

Tutorial on thesis formatting based on the AeU standard

The screencast videos have been made by AeU Knowledge Centre in response to common questions raised by postgraduate students on the AeU thesis format and are recorded using Screencast-O-Matic. The content targeted AeU students of all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate.

We will use our training materials or this training session. You may download our training materials by clicking at here. Training materials are include:

  • Guidelines for Research Proposal
  • Guidelines for Thesis Writing
  • Course outline
  • Mendeley-Desktop software
  • Thesis template
  • Feedback form

This screencast introduces users to AeU thesis guidelines, modules, and the AeU thesis template.

The recording shows viewers on step-by-step how to edit the preliminary pages in the template given, copy and paste content from the draft to the thesis template. Additionally, steps to assign headings levels using the AeU styles that have been set in the template are also exposed

The third session demonstrates how to change the layout from the landscape page from portrait and vice versa within a document. Also, it will clarify how to do continuous page numbering throughout the draft

The fourth session emphasizes on numbering tables and figures according to AeU format and using the automatically generated numbering format

The fifth session gives attention to generating the list of tables and figures. Viewers will be taught the simplest way to generate the tables and figures in their thesis.

The final session, equally important, emphasizes steps to generate the reference list via the Mendeley reference manager tool and create an automatic table of contents.