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Inter Library Loan

Is your needed book unavailable in AeU library?

  • Requesting Book
  • 1. The service is offered to assist library users to obtain books that are not available in the AeU library collection.
  • 2. AeU staff, and students are eligible to use the AeU interlibrary loan service. The requests should be for research or course-related study needs.
  • 3. The borrower is responsible for checking the availability of the book at the OPAC of the prospective library before requesting it under interlibrary loan service.
  • 4. Requests can be made by completing the application form which is available at the library i-desk or the online form at the library website.
  • 5. Once the requested materials are received, the Library will notify the students/staff by phone or email.
  • 6. The waiting period per item is approximately 7 to 14 days or longer. The time needed to obtain an interlibrary loan item is dependent upon:
  • The policy of the lending library.
  • The proximity of the lending library.
  • The number of requests to be processed.
  • 7. Library staff will process the request and send the form to the relevant library. If none of the libraries identified is willing to lend out the book, the requestor will be notified by library staff via email or phone call.

    Notification & Pick Up

  • 1. When the item arrives, users will be notified by email or phone call.
  • 2. Books requested are to be collected from the AeU Knowledge Centre i-desk, personally.
  • 3. The borrower is now responsible for the safekeeping of the book during the loan period.
  • Duration of loan
  • 1. The loan period for interlibrary loans is determined by the lending library but is usually between 14-21 days.
  • 2. The books on loan are non-renewable.
  • 3. Interlibrary loan material should be returned before the due date.
  • Overdue
  • 1. To make interlibrary loan an effective service, it is necessary to maintain good relations with the cooperating libraries. Loan periods and use restrictions are set by the lending library and must be strictly observed.
  • 2. A replacement fee (to be determined by the lending library) will be charged into the requestor's library account for damage or loss of books.
  • Please provide detail information on the item. The delivery services of the item are around 2 weeks. The loan period is based on the supply library terms. Please create a ticket, by clicking on the Helpdesk button and use a "Circulation/ interlibrary loan" form. Any fee charged by the supplied party need to bear by the requester