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Recommend a Purchase

Do you think our collection needs to be enriched? 

The library receives suggestions and requests for materials from various members of the university community. New Purchase suggestions come from academicians, researchers, and students. Your recommendation will be evaluated based on the Library's collection development policies and current budgetary constraints.

The library will acquire materials according to the following priorities:

  • •   Relevance to the curriculum.
  • •  Items published more than 10 years.
  • •  Maintain the strength in the subject areas of relevant courses and programmes.
  • •  Support research needs of students and faculty members.
  • •  Support for Academics in their course preparations/ institutional research.
  • •  Acquisition of electronic materials to be emphasized as it may be reached by Open Distance Learners (ODL).
  • •  Acquisition of electronic materials must be balanced with usage.
  • •  The library primarily orders current materials. Out-of-print are ordered when there is a real need.

  • See if AeU already owns the item in the Library catalogue or ebook Subscribe Online Database.

    If materials unavailable in the library collection, please create a ticket, by clicking on the Helpdesk and use a "Item Recommend a Purchase" form to fill out this form as completely as possible to enable the library to correctly identify the material that you would like to have purchased. Once completed, the librarian will contact you for further action.